Where's My Water?

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Where’s My Water? is a Proven Winner

on February 26, 2012

Disney Mobile’s Where’s My Water? has received some well-deserved accolades as a top-rated game and indeed, since it’s release in September the water-physics puzzle game has been a top seller in the App Store. For fans of the Swampy and Cranky battle for bathwater, the recent update that included “Cranky’s Story” is a welcome addition to an already stellar game. Where’s My Water? features seven different sewer worlds with 20 levels each and the recent introduction of Cranky’s Story provides an additional 5 with the option to purchase additional chapters.

Where's My Water?

The premise of Where’s My Water? is to solve each level by creating water flow to Swampy’s bathtub. Swampy is a hygiene-oriented alligator who really loves to take baths, but his nemesis Cranky is trying to block the water. To help Swampy stay clean, players solve various puzzles by digging out dirt and removing obstacles that prevent water flow. Levels become progressively more challenging as new obstacles and elements are introduced.

With each level Swampy waits patiently in his bathtub, with scrub brush in hand, while you make quick use of problem-solving skills. There are opportunities for time bonus score boosts, overflow bonuses, and of course achieving “tri-duck”. Each level has three rubber ducks that can only be collected if they come into contact with enough water. There are also secret hidden items that can be found in some levels, which once collected will unlock bonus levels. In addition to bonuses, other elements, such as algae, toxic waste and moving plumbing obstacles come into play.

Since some of the Where’s My Water? levels are more challenging than others, a terrific blend of casual entertainment and challenging puzzle play is achieved. Some may question the physics, but whether or not the actual water-flow physics are realistic is beside the point as there is so much fun built in to the animation, sound and actual gameplay that it just doesn’t matter. The game reacts more or less as you would expect and with the exception of the few larger-than-screen-size levels, there is great interface. Rather than a pinch and zoom feature, the few levels that are too big for the screen feature scroll bar access for your viewing pleasure. It is a bit of an awkward interface for some levels, but not problematic enough to taint the overall game.

All in all, Where’s My Water? has proven to be a genuine winner and a true contender for future all-time and top-ten casual mobile games lists. The newest addition of Cranky simply adds more depth to an already superbly designed mobile game and Disney Mobile’s promise of future level updates sweetens the pot. There is a limited-level free version of Where’s Why Water? available for a trial run on iPhone and iPad, but like a good bath, where this game’s concerned — the fuller the better.

Source: http://www.appcraver.com/wheres-my-water/


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